Services Provided

We believe access to legal help should be affordable and approachable.

Alaf Equity PLLC serves its clients best by focusing on small businesses and cannabis businesses. While our Legal Services are limited to New York State, our services for businesses are available in all states especially those where cannabis has been legalized.

Look through our services below and contact us to find out more.

Cannabis Consulting, Licensing

Contacts us for consulting and assistance for all cannabis license types:
  • Cultivator
  • Processor
  • Cooperative
  • Distributor
  • Retail Dispensary
  • Microbusiness
  • Delivery
  • Nursery
  • Others as each State may prescribe…
Our office specializes in applications for Social Equity Applicants.

Intellectual Property and Trademark

Your small business and brand deserve the protection that reflects your hard work.  State and Federal trademarking can be a confusing, costly, and litigious process.  

Alaf Equity PLLC can help with the entire process of a trademark application to ensure that your money is spent well at the beginning so it is not wasted in the future.

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Business and Nonprofit Legal

Creating a business is hard enough, especially in the cannabis space, so we understand that a client needs to focus on their business and don’t want to sweat the legal details.  Leave that to us.    

Establishing a non-profit is its own journey and is an endeavor that requires a great amount of focus and time. Put the legal diligence in our hands and we will get you moving forward.

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Cannabis Licensing

Consultation (one-time)

Consulting and Legal Assistance through Cannabis Licensure Process

Drafting Compliant Standard Operating Procedures

Review of Standard Operating Procedures for Compliance

Preparation or Collaboration of a Business Plan

Review of Business Plan

Preparation or Collaboration of a Financial Plan

Review of Financial Plan

Assessment of Current Business Operation, includes Report Outlining Changes for Cannabis Compliance

NYS Criminal Background Check Assistance per Person

Review or Coordination of Compliant Safety/Security Plan

Review or Coordination of Compliant Business Design

On-going Cannabis Business Compliance Consulting

Other Cannabis Business or Legal Services


Business Services

Consultation (one-time)

Drafting and Filing Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Incorporation

Drafting Operating Agreement or By-Laws

Review Operating Agreement or By-Laws

Transaction / Licensing Agreement

Contract Review

Other Business Law Services


Trademark Services

Consultation (one-tme)

Trademark Search, includes Clearance Report

USPTO Trademark Registration Application per Mark per Class – Word Mark

USPTO Trademark Registration Application per Mark per Class – Design/Logo Mark

USPTO Trademark Renewal

USPTO Trademark Intent to Use Extension

NYS Trademark Search, includes Clearance Report

NYS Trademark Application

On-going Trademark Consulting

Other States or Trademark Services


Non-Profit Formation

Consultation (one-time)

1023 Application Review

1023 Application Drafting – does not include financials

Drafting By-Laws

On-going Non-Profit Consulting

Other Non-Profit Services


Family Law Services

Consultation (one-time)

Petition Drafting

Uncontested Divorce (without children)

Uncontested Divorce (with children)

Other Family Law Services